Visiting Rules

The Botanic Garden is a protected area. Please help us protect the wildlife of the area.

Védett természeti érték

  • In order to do so, please keep to the designated routes while in the Garden use the available litter-bins and/or selective waste collection containers refrain from making loud noise as this can disturb your fellow-visitors and the animals  finding shelter in the premises of the Garden refrain from walking your dog in the Garden smoke only in the designated areas
  • The Garden is a place for education and relaxation. Please do sports (ball games, cycling, fidhing, boating) outside the Garden.
  • It is strictly prohibited to light a fire in the Garden.
  • Remember that if you rip off a flower, its beauty will soon fade and you may kill the plant, too. Please, therefore, rely on your camera to record the Garden's specialities.

Thank you for your cooperation!



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Photo Gallery

View our gallery of the most beautiful moments in the Garden, our programs made ​​photos.


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